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New Header

I just added a new header and found the color  to be kinda drab.  The original profile was Abode 1998. I’ve heard that this profile is not as ‘colorful’ when viewed on the web, but I’ve never seen it happen.  I use Safari on a Mac which is color managed.  Does this mean I’ll have to mess with my pictures to make them look ‘right’ in WordPress? Don’t know.  Here’s an experiment.

image with Adobe98:



image with sRGB



If you click on either image, you will open the image in new screen.  On my Mac both of the images look the same.  Safari is responding to the embedded profile.  Curiously, in the WordPress editor both images look the same!!


My First Post

This is like my first day at school.  I want this to be photo blog more than a writing blog.  I don’t think of myself as a writer, but as a photographer.  In fact I have quote about that which I’ll have to dig up and include in the masthead or somewhere.

Indeed a theme that I’ll be working out is put the work out there as is.  The pictures I take are just that.  I had a great piece of phrasing for this, now I’ve lost it.  But I’ll keep at it.