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   Oh, No!!  I’m using a trial copy of RawDeveloper and the darn watermark is showing.  I will add that I really like working with RD.  I have to decide what to do.

Well, overt the past whatever amount of time, I’ve had a lot going on.  Seeing doctors, getting appointments to see more doctors.  But the treatment scheme is moving apace.  All of this is good news, even though it’s a bit scary.  In addition I’ve done a major upgrade of my computer system.  I’m using a Mac Pro now, I’ve changed cpu platform.  So of course all my old software is useless.  Most notably PhotoShop.  One can’t simply buy the upgrade kit because you can’t upgrade a none existent copy, but there seems to be way to do. I’m just pondering if I want to go through the hassle.  Or simply start over with an entirely new approach.  RD seems/is quite nice but it’s strictly raw processing, no printing support.  So I need something else.


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